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Okay, I would put up a recipe here, but since it started as "make delicious vietnamese sandwiches" and turned into "make delicious things inedible", there will be no recipe today.

This is another instance where I have overstepped my ability.
I am sorry.

Lessons learned:
  • Sterilize, sterilize, sterilize.
  • If they taste bad separately, they will taste bad together.
  • A sandwich is more than the sum of its parts.
  • However, if those are some nasty parts, it will be a very nasty sandwich.
  • Five tablespoons of soy sauce and two teaspoons of salt is too salty.
  • Frying tofu in sesame oil turns it yellow.
  • Sesame oil is not for shallow frying.
  • "When there's a wilt, there's no way."
  • Plain baguettes are tasty.
  • Do not make promises you know you'll fuck up.
  • It is not a waste of food if it will never be eaten.
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Animation eats my time

So for the past four weeks I've been working on this short piece for my film and lit class; I'm adapting Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 'The Yellow Wallpaper'. I'm in the middle of shooting now, and I'm taking stock of what still needs to be done. The thing is due Monday at noon and by the looks of my sleeping schedule I'll be working all night between Sunday and Monday and staying up to hand it in at ten in the morning.

Oh well.

Here are some stills from the thing.

I'll link to the youtube page once this thing is done. Well, back to work.
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Fried Aubergine in a Japanese Sauce with Rice

Right! So apparently this is the recipe-of-the-month, as I don't think I'll be posting another one any time soon. I'm in the middle of several major projects for my courses, so please forgive me for not posting for the past whatever. But, yes, on to the recipe. This doesn't have many ingredients but unfortunately some of them are a bit hard to come by. But if you live near an Asian food market I'm sure you'll be able to find everything you need. If you love succulent, melt-in-your-mouth aubergines, then you will love this recipe.

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Turning 21.

Today is my 21st birthday. I enjoyed it! But the best part was this card I got from a friend of mine who enjoys a bit of the Achewood.

I repeat: I enjoyed it!
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16 October 1928 – 3 January 2010

Mary Daly died yesterday at the age of 81, after a lifetime of much-needed controversy in the name of her cause. My aunt gave me a copy of Gyn/Ecology a few years ago, along with some de Beauvoir and The Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone. These books more or less shaped who I am. While it saddens me to see Daly go, it makes me happy to look at a full life filled with achievements.

Daly is best known for her refusal to teach men in her women's studies classes - acknowledging that having men in the classroom would stifle discussion - and for her claim that the male population needed to be drastically reduced in order to save the planet. Considering a thing or two, she wasn't that far off.

I can't say much about Mary Daly, but I can say more than Wikipedia cares to. Despite her obstinacy and ignorance when it came to transgendered and non-white women - something feminist groups still do to this day - Daly contributed much to feminist ecology and theology, as well as animal liberation. The feminist movement has lost one of its most vocal and passionate thinkers this year (of course, Feministing doesn't give a damn. Edit: They finally mentioned her.)